Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

In the seventies, Dr Martínez, a passionate fisherman and hunter, sailed with his sons off the coast of Nayarit in a small aluminum boat trolling in search of catching some sailfish or mahi mahi. By chance, on one of their many expeditions, they landed in Punta Monterrey, without knowing that their lives were about to change forever.

In this small bay lived a mature – aged woman of North American origin. Her name was Daisy, who kindly welcomed the sailors by offering them wáter. They asked if they could spend the day at the beach. The answer was yes, with the condition of respecting the place and taking their trash away.

After a wonderful day of laughter and family coexistence, just before the impressive sunset, the fihserman asked Mrs. Daisy why she lived alone in the jungle.

She said that years ago she arrived with her husband to this privileged point in the Pacific, where they had enjoyed the intrincate and virgin nature. Studying the orientation of the sun and the dominant winds of the bay, they built the house with a large terrace, kitchen and two bedrooms, one for the couple and the other for their guests. Unfortunately, her husband had just passed away.

Suprised by the story, Dr Martínez exclaimed: We are very sorry for your recent loss! This place is a Paradise. Are you interested in keeping your property or are you thinking of selling it?

Mrs. Daisy smiled and told them: Look, this is a project in which my husband and i put all our hearts and our efforts, but i don´t want to live alone in this place and i am considering going back home. So if you give me what my husband and I invested, it´s yours.

Since then, Dr. Martínez with his wife Herminia, their sons, nephews and closest Friends, enjoyed this hiden Paradise as their home to rest and family coexistence. Completely rustic, far from “civilization” in the middle of the jungle, with no electricity, limited fresh wáter and a challenging entry road. But with a purpose full of love and wisdom: Caring for and preserving this natural sanctuary, to honor it in harmony with the family.

In 2018, the hotel Project was born, seeking to sustain the property and generate job opportunities for neighboring communities. The evolution of this family bussines has beed organic, until it became what it is today: A sutainable community within an ecological reserve, located in the northernmost junge of the Americas, on the pacific coast, protected by a family of Mexican fishermen.

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