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16 November, 2023

Our commitment is to share

Our commitment is to share

The magic of nature is what captivates us all in Punta Monterrey. This community located on the southern coast of the state of Nayarit is a territory that has a charm thanks to the great variety of trees, plants, fungi, terrestrial animals and marine animals that share their habitat with all of us. This biodiverse little corner is considered an Ecological Reserve.

The geographical location in which we are located is very special, here the mountains meet the sea. Technically we are between mountain systems that connect with the western Sierra Madre, the transverse volcanic axis and the southern Sierra Madre, and on the other hand, we are located very close to Bahia de Banderas, one of the largest bays in Mexico.

We love being surrounded by so much nature. A few kilometers from Punta Monterrey begins the limit of the Sierra de Vallejo protected natural area, this area covers and conserves around 30% of the sub-deciduous tropical forest. Only in the region where our community is located there are characteristics of great ecological and landscape value. An example of this is the Orbignya guacuyule palm grove, better known as the coquito oil palm, this species occupies 90% of the area (TEJERO, LEDESMA, TORRES 2008).

In this region, studies have been done on the variety of types of flora that we can observe, the results showed a list of 171 different species of plants, where the majority are wild legumes (Fabaceae) (BRAVO, GOMEZ, MARQUEZ 2013). The best time to see this variety of plants is precisely during these dates, where it is possible to see the mountain covered with fragrant and colorful flowers.

The floristic richness has allowed the development of an interesting variety of types of animals. Mammals, birds, reptiles, insects cohabit in harmony. It is fascinating to be able to observe a balanced ecosystem where we are all extremely important and key pieces for the development of a healthy environment.

Without a doubt these are the main characteristics that make Punta Monterrey Bay a little piece of paradise. In this sense, our community has the commitment and motivation to share an ecotourism project as an alternative against the degradation and overexploitation of nature, this from the creation of a sustainable and conscious hotel model.

To achieve this, we have been implementing eco-techniques such as bioclimatic architecture that takes advantage of sunlight and ventilation according to the location of our cabins and suites, as well as the use of natural materials from the region for their construction. On the other hand, we capture rainwater each season and we have implemented the use of dry urinals in most rooms to save water, as well as the use of gray water to irrigate green areas.

We have an immense love for this place full of life and shared stories, which is why we believe that together we can develop the responsibility to safeguard and conserve this territory that is so important for all the beings that inhabit it and visit it. We trust that we can contribute not only as facilitators of a space for rest and enjoyment of the holidays, but also by raising awareness by informing ourselves and contemplating the wonders that surround us. In Punta Monterrey it is possible to enter the natural rhythm that organically generates well-being.

We invite you to be part of our community, we will be happy to share with you this space that has allowed us to grow and develop together in harmony with the environment.


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