A hot stone massage is a therapeutic technique in which we use smooth, heated stones to apply heat and pressure to the body. The stones are of volcanic origin as they retain heat effectively.

During the hot stone massage, our therapist places the hot stones on strategic points of the body, such as the back, shoulders, legs or feet. He can also use the stones to gently massage the body, applying pressure and sliding movements.

The heat from the stones helps relax muscles, relieve tension and improve blood circulation. Additionally, heat penetrates deeper tissues, which can help relieve muscle and joint pain. The therapist can combine hot stone massage with other massage techniques, such as kneading or friction, to provide a more complete experience.

It is important to communicate with the therapist during the massage to make sure the temperature of the stones is comfortable for you. The therapist must be careful not to apply too much heat and cause burns to the skin. Our hot stone massage is especially relaxing and comforting, as the heat helps relieve stress and promote a feeling of well-being.

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