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15 June, 2023

From Dream to Reality: Punta Monterrey’s Legacy

From Dream to Reality: Punta Monterrey’s Legacy

It all started when we embarked again without knowing that we would find a dream come true, where the thirst for adventure put us in front of the paradise that would soon become home. The jungle welcomed us, allowed us to know and understand that to discover wonderful places you have to travel through rough and complicated paths.

It was in the year 1974 that we disembarked ready to move stones, to sow seeds, but above all to inhabit this little corner of natural magic with our family. Since then we have enjoyed sharing the table and sitting down together to eat. The dining room is definitely the heart of the property, here everyone is comforted every time we continue to share delicious feasts, every time we share the word, we toast and give the place more life.

The laughter of the children, now grown into adults, continues to mix with the sound of the waves that you can hear from any area of the hotel. In any of our 16 rooms designed with bioclimatic architecture you will be able to perceive how the mountain embraces us under the starry nights and the song of the birds will be the alarm clock every morning. The light of the sunsets has been part of the history of so many, here we live unforgettable moments thanks to the natural charm and biodiversity that coexist in this ecosystem technically called tropical deciduous forest inlaid with palm groves.
Through the years Punta Monterrey continues to conquer hearts. We recently opened our doors as a Hotel with the intention of sharing not only a space for rest, but also to share a unique and different experience in a natural environment with the necessary comforts so that you can live a vacation as if you were at home surrounded by nature. If you are observant you will realize those details that make Punta Monterrey a home for everyone.

Beautiful magpies, woodpeckers, armadillos, coatis, butterflies, frogs, are just some of the fauna species that inhabit the surroundings. The fragrance of the flowers is present from the month of May. In June the land crabs begin to descend, announcing that the rain will soon arrive to make the jungle green again and give us the water that we will use in future months. The warm summer afternoons restore calm, favoring the best reunions. One of our favorites is with the olive ridley turtle, a marine species that comes to the beach year after year to spawn. In autumn the environment remains green, it is from the month of November that the sea breeze refreshes us more and more, bringing with it pastel sunrises. The passage of humpback whales is a spectacle that winter gives us. Without forgetting the spring season when the big trees show us their naked silhouettes, teaching us that we must throw away all the old leaves to make way for the new ones. At any time of the year, the charm of Punta Monterrey remains and gives us the opportunity to connect to the natural rhythm that gives us well-being.

To get to this paradise you have to take into account that the road is unpaved, the experience begins from there. We are located south of the Nayarit coast, 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport and three and a half hours from Guadalajara by land along the runway. To take the gap that reaches the hotel, you have to enter the town of Las Lomas, located at kilometer 113 of federal highway number 200. Once you cross the town, the dirt road begins until you reach the beach. At the hotel we will be waiting for your arrival to always receive you with a smile. Definitely if you are looking for a place to disconnect and connect with nature, family, partner, friends, connect with yourself, Punta Monterrey is the right place for you. Come and be part of our community and let yourself be conquered by the simplicity of a natural and familiar environment.

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